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About Simply Simplify

We help people simplify their lives by clearing the clutter and eliminating the things they no longer want, need or that serve a purpose. Our mission is to help you create a more organized, calm, less stressful space.


Our lives can be chaotic enough without being surrounded by a houseful of unused, unwanted, and unnecessary belongings - stuff that is taking up valuable space in our homes!


Clutter is proven to be a significant stressor and hinders creativity, productivity, efficiency, strains relationships and causes anxiety. When we clear the physical clutter, we clear the mental clutter. We have less to clean and more time for ourselves, friends, family and fun.


Our mission is to help clients simplify their space by removing the excess and bringing order to their lives.


We help you simplify ~ simply!



What We Do

Do you ever feel like a deer in the headlights when you look around your home and think about tackling the clutter by yourself? Are you at a loss about where to start and what to do with all the stuff? Are there things you know you need to get rid of but just can't part with? You are not alone! These are the top reasons why people struggle to do it on their own. Simply Simplify can help you move beyond these barriers that are preventing you from living in the beautiful, peaceful space you desire and deserve. Home is where the heart is. It should be a place of calm and joy for you.


It's not easy letting go of things to which we have become attached. We understand that the thought of sorting through and organizing all your belongings - by yourself! - that have accumulated can be overwhelming. Working together, we can help make the process of letting go easier and more manageable. With objectivity, sensitivity, and a bit of humor, we will help you sort, donate, discard, recycle, and sell your possessions that must go. Whether it's one room or more that you wish to tackle, we can help you lighten your load, take back control of your environment, and maximize your space. 


What Makes Us Different

If you are moving, downsizing, in transition, clearing out the home of a deceased loved one, we can help. Before putting your home on the market, removing your multitude of personal possessions is critical to making it more appealing to buyers. Not doing so can result in your home sitting on the market much longer and dramatically de-value your home because buyers cannot see beyond the clutter and are unable to visualize themselves living in it. Decluttering is always a wise investment to ensure you will fetch the greatest sales price. And less stuff means less to pack! Less to pack, means lower moving and storage costs! Lose it, don't move it.

What makes Simply Simplify different is that we will sell your unwanted items that you can't take with you, online.  If you don't have the time, energy, patience, or the know-how, we will handle the entire process for you. Why leave money on the table when you can convert your items into cash? Did those unwanted items follow you into your new home? No problem. We can still help.

About Me


One day in the dead of winter several years ago, I decided to tackle the small, spare room in my home that had been cluttered since the day I moved in. It was a wonderful sun-filled room, but it had an identity crisis. It was the catch-all room (we all have one!) containing stuff that had no real purpose. Like many people, I was convinced that I needed every single thing in that room. "I might need that someday," was always running through my head. Does this sound like you? Guess what? There are seven days in a week and Someday isn't one of them!

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"Today's the day I'm going to organize that room!" I thought. I put my head down and dove in but realized the first thing I really needed to do before organizing was to declutter - because I soon realized clutter cannot be organized, it can only be removed. I sold, discarded, recycled, consigned, and donated bags of stuff. I was ruthless. Following that cathartic purging, I then organized the much fewer things that remained that I truly loved and needed. I was able to quickly and easily find anything I needed, when I needed it, without getting frustrated. I could breathe easier and loved my new clear space. I also felt a sense of accomplishment because I made a a commitment to myself to do the work - and kept it.

I love helping clients simplify and alleviate the stress of too much stuff that clutters both their physical space and their mental space. My work speaks to my desire to encourage and motivate people, my inner HGTV, and my interest in connecting sellers with buyers to re-use and re-purpose items and find them new happy homes.

I have lived and worked in the greater Newburyport area for the past twenty years. I have developed a vast and trusted network and have built many long standing relationships in the community. This network, combined with my background in sales, marketing, and fundraising ensures that the most effective strategies will be implemented to market and sell your items. I love the thrill of the sale! With enthusiasm and professionalism, I am committed to helping my clients reduce the clutter as well as offering the unique and additional benefit of converting their unwanted possessions into cash.


In my spare time, I enjoy gardening, entertaining, photography, all things nature, and penning my random thoughts when inspiration strikes. 


If you are moving, downsizing, liquidating a loved one's estate, or simply staying put but have the urge to purge, I'd love to help! Contact me for a free consultation at Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

Cheers to a more simplified life and breathing easier!


~ Patty St. John

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