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"My condo sold very quickly, and I didn't have time to figure out and manage online selling. My realtor recommended Simply Simplify. Patty was fabulous, and has quite a following. I couldn't believe how quickly things disappeared! If you need to get rid of it, Patty's your gal!!  -- Sherry F.,  Newburyport


"Patty is helping us get rid of almost EVERYTHING that has accumulated over the past 15 years in our house. I HIGHLY recommend her and her services!!!!"   -- Donald S.,  Amesbury

"I am an owner at Stone Ridge Properties and have recommended Simply Simplify to all my clients and customers. The feedback has been amazing! One of the biggest deterrents to listing a home is how to declutter and Patty has all the answers. She came into a recent property and was able to perform her magic of selling numerous items so that my buyers could move their own furniture in. Patty is smart, efficient and extremely personable. I look forward to recommending her every time I have the chance. You won't be disappointed!"

                                                 -- Jennifer Germain, Owner, Stone Ridge Properties, Amesbury & Newburyport

"You rock Patty! I highly recommend your services to anyone looking for help from decluttering, selling and organizing. I used Patty to sell many items in less than two weeks!"  -- Amy S., Plum Island 

“The thought of going through my things and doing it myself was overwhelming. Patty kept me focused and on track, but best of all held me accountable."  -- C.G.,  Amesbury

"We used Patty’s services to sell all of our furniture as we moved to Florida. It was a wonderful, stress free experience. Everything was sold within one week! Patty is a high energy, talented professional. She possesses wonderful communication skills. It was a pleasure to work with her and we highly recommend her services. Thank you, Patty!"     -- Paula & Steve C., Newburyport

"My husband Scott and I moved from Washington DC to Plum Island two days ago. The house we bought was sold with all the furnishings. I flew up to meet Patty one week before moving in. In two hours she had photos and measurements for everything. Every piece of furniture was sold before we got here, and all of it picked up by purchasers within 24 hours. Patty was with us every step of the way. Very lucky to find her. 💯  -- Patty I., Plum Island/Newbury

"Dependable, honest, professional owner - well known in the community." -- Denise T.,  Newburyport

“Patty was a life-saver! During a move, I had been procrastinating the toughest stuff to go through: paperwork, keepsakes, cards, photos. Patty kindly and quickly guided me in tossing the unnecessary! She immediately rolled up her sleeves and got right at it with me. Saved me hours of agony by helping with the decision-making to toss stuff. Here’s just a few words to describe her: effervescent, goal-oriented, efficient, understanding, bold, and funny. As we worked together she gave me great strategies to avoid things from piling up! Thank you so much Patty!! I’m so glad this worked out.”  -- Sue B., Newburyport

"Patty was an amazing support to me during one of the most difficult times of my life. I sold my house, downsized/moved and experienced a catastrophic illness in one of my children. Throughout this experience Patty helped me organize, make some money selling unwanted belongings, and was upbeat and emotionally supportive. I would happily work with her again and admire her attention to detail and diligence in getting the job done!"  -- Anne B., Newburyport

"If you are looking for someone to help you declutter your home or sell some of your belongings, this is your gal to do it. She is a hard worker and works at a very fast pace, but most of all, extremely friendly and honest. My husband and I put our home on the market and had very little time to get rid of a lot of our belongings. Within two weeks everything we needed gone was gone. I would talk to her almost every day and she was always very pleasant. We laughed all the time and she lightened up some very stressful moments. Best part is that Doug and I made a new friend! Give Patty a call, you will not be disappointed."  -- Camille J., North Andover

"Patty offers a much needed service, not only for customers preparing their homes for sale, but for anyone that is looking to declutter or organize their home. She is no-nonsense with a smile! She also bakes amazing cookies 😉."  -- Sharon C,. Owner/Broker, Newburyport

"Patty helped me over two sessions to go through all my clothes - coats, sweaters, pants, dresses, etc. and re-home what didn’t fit me or my style presently. We arranged the clean outs by donate, consign, or trash. Getting everything in bags, out of the house, and into the car right away for delivery kept me in focus! Excellent help and súper energy. I had tried to do it on my own but just kept getting overwhelmed. Love Love Love the results! So freeing and a truly helpful exercise."  -- Lea C., Amesbury

"Patty is one of the most energetic people I know. With all her resources at her finger tips, she is at the ready to help her clients de-clutter and live a much simpler life. It's tough getting rid of objects that have affected your life. She has a caring way of making this transition easy."  -- Pirre M, Realtor, Newburyport

"We moved into a new house a few months ago. We had a whole new design style and needed to unload a house full of furniture. A friend recommended Patty, and it has been a great partnership. Our garage was full of things in June, and now at the end of August we only have one item left. Patty has great communication skills with both the seller and the buyers. I highly recommend Simply Simplify!"  -- Mary K.,  Kittery Point, Maine

"My husband and I decided to clear out 20+ years of household furnishings we no longer used. Patty was amazing to work with and, in less than 2 weeks, everything we wanted to sell was sold and then some! We had a door in our basement that we figured we would haul to the dump...until Patty said, “ I can sell it” and she did! Patty is professional, reliable, and honest. She delivers results and is fun to work with! We highly recommend Patty St. John and Simply Simplify."  -- Jane, L., Newburyport


“As I try to simplify and downsize, Patty has done an amazing job helping me sell furniture and decide which of my things to keep, and which to donate.”    -- Sue W.,  Georgetown

"Patty is amazing!! She has more energy than 10 people combined. And she knows her job. You want something gone? Poof! She's amazing. Definitely want to use Patty. She truly knows her business and what people need.10 stars Patty!!"  -- Gael M. Realtor, Newburyport

"I love working with Simply Simplify, they take all the work out of selling, Patty takes care of every detail. My items are sold at a fair price and I always know what they sell for. It’s a pleasure working with Patty & I highly recommend Simply Simplify!"   -- Liz R.,  Rowley

"I highly recommend Patty at Simply Simplify! I was in the middle of a move and had several pieces of furniture I wanted to sell in one month. Patty went above and beyond to make all my furniture disappear in less than three weeks for a good price. She is a great asset to anyone who is looking to get organized and maybe shed a few items you no longer need.  Kudos Patty, I could not have done it without You!"  -- Amy S., Newbury

"Patty sold a brand new gorgeous sofa for me that I had been trying to sell, the same day she posted it! In just 7 hours!!  OMG. I’m sooooo happy! She is high energy, honest, trustworthy, and has so many connections that she is able to sell things so quickly. Can’t recommend her enough!"   -- June P.,  Amesbury


“You are worth every penny.”   -- Deb A., Newburyport

"She runs a top notch business that will help you declutter and eliminate your excess belongings. She will work closely with you to sort through your personal possessions helping to minimize the stress. Patty is professional, experienced and fun to work with! She'll get you on track to living a more organized, simplified life style!"   -- Sue H., Tewksbury


"Patty helped us in the process of downsizing from a home we’d been in for almost 20 years - couldn’t have done it without her!"   -- Scott J.,  Amesbury

"We sold our house and downsized to a condo. Patty was a HUGE help by managing the sale of many things that we did not want to take with us. She communicated well and had lots of connections to assess the value of things and sold almost everything we didn’t want to move. We made some money and saved on the cost of moving things we no longer wanted!!"   -- Michael S.,  Amesbury

"Patty St. John is a knowledgeable organizer. She has been helping me clean out papers, furniture, books, and memorabilia on a weekly basis for several months and will continue until my home is a clean space where we all can breathe. We work at a brisk pace but never forget to smile and laugh. It is worth every penny of my investment."    -- Elizabeth R., Georgetown


"We recently sold our home and were also downsizing. I was very nervous about trying to sell all the items we weren't able to take with us before our closing date.  After meeting with Patty and she explained how her process worked, we decided to hire her to sell the items. She came to the house, photographed, measured, priced, and listed all the items. Patty was great, she took care of all the back-and-forth questions, scheduled the pick up times, etc.  She even came to the house one day when we had multiple buyers to help organize. She does it all with a smile.  I absolutely loved working with Patty and would recommend her to anyone!  She is easy to work with, and very professional."   -- Rachael G.,  Haverhill

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